School Info

1. Name of the School with address :Trimurti Pawan Pratishthan’s Trimurti International School Khadaka
(Trimurtinagar) (Newasa Fata) Tal. Newasa Dist. – Ahmednagar414603
a) E-mail
b) Phone No.:9822095942
2. Year of establishment of School :2017
3. Government Recognition Out. No .DDE/Pri-2/Self-Financed School/ Recognition/PD/2016
Deputy Director of Education, Pune Division,
Pune 1 Office 16641 letter dated 22July 2016.
4. Prior Permission Ahmednagar Zillah Parishad Education Department (Pry.) Outward No. Office-4/Self- Financed/689/17 Ahmednagar dated 26/10/2017.
5. CBSE Accreditation DetailsIn Process
6. Period of AffiliationIn Process
7. Affiliation Status:In Process
8. Name and official address of the Manager/ President/ Chairman/ Correspondent:Hon’ble Adv.Sau.Sumati Sahebrao Ghadgepatil
9. Area of School campus
a) In Acres :5
b) In Sq mtrs.:20300
c) Built up area ( sq mtrs): 9924.30
d) Area of Playground in Sq.mtrs:10375.70
e) Other facilities:
1. Swimming poolNo
2. Sports RoomYes
3. Dance roomYes
4. GymnasiumYes
5. Activity RoomYes
6. Art & Craft RoomYes
7. Infirmary RoomYes
8. Detail of Fee structure:As per list attached
9. Library facilitiesYes
a) Size of the Library in sq. feet1774.26
10. Academic Session period1st April to 31 March