Details Of Curriculum

Our school follows the CBSE curriculum as per the instructions we follow the NCERT books as prescribed by the CBSE. The qualities like exploration discovery self-identity in a fun filled, safe and happy learning environment. The syllabus is designed in such way that every child should develop love for learning.

“Learning Through Activities”

Learning through different activities these also install moral values, behaviour, confidence and ability to communicate actively in English as well as in mother tongue. A well-balanced curriculum and the based programme help these young minds to express themselves freely and feel safe. The emphasis is an exploring, knowing, understanding and include atomistic development and learning through creative expression, language and literacy, numeracy, social awareness.

Primary School (I To V)

The primary school programme develops children’s competence in various skills like reading, writing, listening, speaking for language along with many audio visual activities to get fluency and confidence in expression and speaking problem solving to encourage inquiry and exploration long with use of information and technology, the wide range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities offered help in overall development of each and every child. It also focuses on values, behaviour manners and discipline, regular activities like oration skit and drama improves their communication, ability to express themselves in addition to developing pragmatic skills

Secondary School

To meet students varied intellectual and development skills needs through continuous evaluation and day to day progress and changes main aim of this program is developing skills related to writing, reading, speaking critical thinking, stages courage, fostering values and etiquettes. It’s develops curiosity among them, scientific ways logics sense of belongingness, love for nation learn they adopt competitive vision , importance of discipline, punctuality responsibilities to words society, drama and skits they study about great personalities so that they can chose right paths in life .They learn to take initiative in most of the activities to acquire knowledge.